Acoustically effective luminous stretch ceilings

The acoustical absorption of BARRISOL sheets weakens acoustical sound waves in a room. The partial diffusion on the sheets cause sound dampening and disruptive echos are measurably minimized.


The concept of open-plan offices places huge demands on room acoustics, in which the concentrated work of an individual worker and the dynamic of cooperation in the team have to be ensured at the same time. Several DIN/ISO norms also have to be applied at the planning stage. Acoustically effective Barrisol stretch ceilings, luminous or not, offer a practical solution.

There are similarly complex demands for room acoustics in public spaces such as schools, ministries and shopping centers. Our goal is to combine those complex and dynamic factors in rooms, while lowering sound pollution with aligned acoustic measures.

Which solutions does BARRISOL offer?

Barrisol offers various micro-perforated sheets – the most effective of which is equipped with 500,000 holes per sq meter to absorb sound and reduce noise pollution in public and private spaces. These sheets limit reverberation for better intelligibility and sound comfort, making them an excellent instrument to optimize room acoustics. 

Our solution

No two rooms are alike. Large, nonporous walls and glass surfaces are proven to be the main cause of poor room acoustics. In addition, with a large number of people speaking, loud mechanical noises, and other sounds from outside, the acoustics can be aggravating. Individually coordinated combinations of diverse measures on walls, ceilings and floors are essential to guarantee optimal absorption in rooms.

That is why we plan and install acoustic concepts with a variety of materials. According to the specifics of the room, we combine different fabrics, carpets and objects, while putting in place textile tension frames with adequate fabric and gauze with integrated insulating material made of felt or fleece. Open-pored natural products such as sheep’s wool, hemp, coconut fiber or wood with perforations can also be used to optimize spaces and create a pleasant atmosphere.

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How will it look in the room?

Acoustic room dividers

Moderne. Raumteiler

Translucent room divider

Raumteiler Variante Transluzent

Mobile screen

Akustik Trennwand

Acoustic column

Transparent leuchtend

Acoustic sphere

Workplace divider


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