Illuminated ceilings and luminous walls with Barrisol®

Akustik Raum Konzepte

Harmonic, balanced and bright illumination is the prerequisite to well-being and concentrated work.

Lichtdecken und Lichtwände mit Barrisol
Lichtdecken und Lichtwände mit Barrisol

Play with the light! In cooperation with Barrisol stretch ceiling systems, we develop uniform ceiling illumination, creating atmosphere in spaces. Due to the possibility of variation of light, you can choose between extreme light intensity and lower intensity just by pushing a button. From sunny daylight to subdued lighting. For a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere, you can control the illumination according to your personal wishes. 

The sheets can be designed as paneling and/or room dividers. 

Of what are lighting ceilings made of?

Barrisol lighting walls and ceilings, specifically developed for this purpose, are made of non-tear, waterproof polymer sheet designed with varying translucency. LED lighting systems are placed behind the sheets, creating a homogeneous light surface. Various effects can be reached with the usage of different LED bands. Color, intensity and brightness can be controlled simply with a remote control or app.

Since harmonic, balanced and bright illumination is the basic prerequisite for concentrated and attentive working, the atmosphere can be assisted by controlled lighting at the working areas. In contrast to that, visitors can also calm down more easily in the waiting room thanks to appropriate lighting concepts.

Modes of action – Effects of light

Psychological effect of light

Light has the ability to influence emotional well-being considerably in a positive or negative way. Therefore, we made it to our task to involve thoese aspects in our lighting design.

Biological effect of light
During the natural course of the year, daylight and light intensity influence several functions of our body, with a significant impact on health and productivity levels. Through biologically effective lighting systems, we adapt brightness, light direction, color temperature and dynamics.

Learn more about biological light effects

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