Project Description

5 pillars for Marburg

Customized lamps / 2018

Förderverein für das Marburger Kultur- und Bildungszentrum mit Moschee e.V.

Florence Girod und Peter Scior

Executing firm
PeterSchneyder DesignManagement GmbH / Design & Engineering / Berlin

Scope of service
Special luminaire construction – development, production, installation of 40 LED light poles

August 2018

The five pillars of Islam

Through the observance of the five pillars, the Muslim believer establishes his personal relationship with God through ritualized practices. These include the recitation of the creed, the daily five prayers, the giving of alms, the fasting in Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca, which every Muslim should undertake once in his life, if it is financially and healthwise possible. According to the Islamic understanding, the believer owes God the exercise of the five pillars in return for the miracle of creation and the effort God makes with man. On the other hand, the rituals also serve to structure the day in a spiritual way and sharpen the sense of the essential.

In the Marburg Mosque, five pillars at the entrance of the mosque site point to this spiritual connection of man to God. So we are all the happier that we as Marburger Förderverein are able to help shape this central component artistically. It should be a sign of the opening to both sides. On the one hand, the five pillars will become the entrance gate of an open Marburg mosque for the city community, and on the other, the pillars will provide access for the mosque community to the city of Marburg, whose integral part will be the mosque in the future.

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A light art project for the new Marburg Mosque. On 26.08.2018, the art project “5 pillars for Marburg” was inaugurated in front of the cultural and educational center with mosque near St. Jost.

(Credits || Film: Peter Stottmeier | Music: Igor Sychov)